Tiny Little Bird Wings

TINY, LITTLE BIRD WINGS is a short RPG experience about a bird who must build a house in 10 days before a coming storm.

1 Player | PC | November 2018 - December 2018


Tiny, Little Bird Wings was developed in 6 weeks in Unreal 4. I wanted to create a robust tiered crafting system that allowed players to creatively experiment with different survival solutions.

Tiny Little Bird Wings Tiered Crafting System

Tiered Crafting System

The game features a tiered crafting system that allows the player to not only upgrade their building materials into higher quality ones, but also craft different structures for the house. The bird's house is made up of a foundation, walls, and a ceiling, which must be created sequentially. After these components have been constructed, a variety of decorations become available to further customize the house.

Each structure has different stat bonuses or penalties based on the materials they were built with. There are 3 stats: Strength, Comfort, and Aesthetics. These stats are used to determine whether the bird survives the coming storm.

Tiny Little Bird Wings Inventory


Each day the player can search the environment for various materials – some are more common than others. These are then stored in the player's inventory.

Inventory space is limited, and sometimes a hard decision must be made to destroy items in the inventory.

Tiny Little Bird Wings Inventory
Tiny Little Bird Wings Day Night Cycle

Day Night Cycle

There are only 10 days to collect all the resources necessary to build a bird house. The game features a day/night cycle to show the passing of time to supplement the clock on the top right of the HUD.

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