Soul Food

SOUL FOOD is a cooperative action crafting game set in the Underworld where players collect and combine ingredients to satiate Death's hunger and escape.

1-4 Players | PC | September 2018 - Present


Escape the Underworld before time runs out! Behind each locked door is a player's soul, waiting to be set free. Keys can be obtained through the collection of 3 key fragments, individually granted after satisfying one of Death's cravings for a specific dish.


Soul Food Overview

For Soul Food, I wanted to make the UI clear, immersive, and thematic to match the silly, over the top style of the game. In order to achieve this, the majority of the UI is diegetic and represented physically in the game world.

Soul Food Hat Selection

Hat Selection

In Soul Food, players pick hats to customize their appearance and differentiate themselves from other players.

The Hat Selection Screen evolved drastically from the beginning of the project. Initially, it was developed in UMG which laid the groundwork for a diegetic implementation. I created a modular UI system within UMG with blueprints for gamepad support. The original screen is made up of several custom "UI Components" that are customizable in real time. It also only updates when given input to keep the UI optimized.

Eventually, this screen was translated into a diegetic version which had a physical place in the main menu. The framework was still maintained, however instead of a UMG implementation, the Hat Select was transformed into a Hat Shelf, where players can optionally customize their appearance.

Soul Food Hall of Famish

Hall of Famish

The Hall of Famish was originally a recipe book that stored all the dishes and recipes that have been discovered by the players.

Like the Hat Select, the Hall of Famish was changed to be a diegetic screen to improve player immersion in the game. Recipes are stored in a rolodex and can be viewed at any time. Players can also zoom in and study the dishes individually.

Soul Food Hall of Famish


Emmeline Estrampes - Producer, UI/UX Designer
Carlie Olson - Game Director, Design Lead
Mark Smith - Tech Artist
Stefan Lande - Gameplay Programmer
Michael Garner - Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Implementer
Viet-Nhi Tran - 2D Artist

Soul Food The 100 Year Locust DragonFishing Social Butterfly Tiny, Little Bird Wings