DRAGONFISHING is an action adventure open-world RPG where the player explores the skies and fishes for dragons in a Cuban-themed fantasy world.

1 Player | PC | August 2016 - April 2017


Save your Uncle Ernest from the clutches of The Great Leviathan. Navigate the skies on your mighty airship and go DragonFishing!


DragonFishing was created in a custom engine from the ground-up. I worked on the physics system which allowed for custom grappling/reeling used by the player to hunt dragons and navigate the game world. I also worked on the UI and VFX throughout the game, such as reeling dragons and player status effects.


Emmeline Estrampes - Physics Programmer, UI/UX Designer
Emilio Pujadas - Producer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer
Carlie Olson - Design Lead, Gameplay Programmer
Mark Smith - Graphics Programmer
Pamela Wolf - Engine Programmer
Jonjo Fourie - Art Director
Christopher Spindel - 3D Modeler
Grant Leeder - Creature Artist
Sophia Abouzeid - Character Artist
Michael Garner - Composer, Sound Designer

Soul Food The 100 Year Locust DragonFishing Social Butterfly Tiny, Little Bird Wings